Let’s Start Advocating

Claire and Clark are the advocacy team in the ACB national office. Claire Stanley is the Advocacy and Outreach Specialist, and Clark Rachfal is the Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs.

Why are we telling you this? Because, through this blog, Claire and Clark hope to engage ACB members, and other readers, in the advocacy work of our organization. Claire and Clark will post submissions on a regular basis to inform readers on the advocacy work of ACB. The posts will educate readers on the advocacy work being done by the national ACB office in areas like transportation, employment, voting, and education. But, the blog will also go a step further. The advocacy posts will also ask readers about what they see as areas in need of advocacy, and provide concrete tasks readers can take to assist in the advocacy work of the organization. Members always inquire about how they can assist in advocacy. This blog will tell members how to do so. And, members can then tell the advocacy what areas of advocacy are needed.

They want to hear from you and get you actively involved. So please check out the advocacy page of the blog and get involved.

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