2020 ACB Virtual Convention Experience

By Grant Downey, St. Petersburg FL 

I am 67 years old and a veteran of many live conventions of both ACB and NFB. The virtual ACB convention that was recently held had the best quality audio and program content of any convention ever. Huge thanks to everyone involved in putting on this unbelievable great event. Special thanks to Debbie Hazelton and her very able ACB Radio crew. I love the interaction of live convention, the high energy and enthusiasm that is generated. However in recent years my hearing has decreased to the point that I do not hear well in the live convention environment even with hearing aids. This year I was absolutely thrilled to encounter the ACB virtual convention where the audio quality of all sessions was outstanding, crisp and delightfully clear. The convention content was tremendous as usual. I am also now in a wheelchair, thus the no travel requirement of a virtual convention suited me fine. I saved money on hiring help to push me around, the airfare, and of course food and lodging. The entire ACB virtual convention was one I will never forget! I will look back on this experience very fondly. I realize that most likely we will have to go back to a live convention again in the future, as the cost of running both a dual live and virtual convention simultaneously would be prohibitively expensive and there would be much loss of high quality due to the dependence on the hotel’s normally poor quality internet connections. But this year’s virtual convention was fantastic and will be a wonderful forever memory!

{Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to let you know that we will be having a virtual component to next year’s live convention, fusing the best of both worlds.}

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