ACB Origins

ACB Voices Introduces ACB Origins

Recently ACB launched our blog ACB Voices as a forum for all the various voices of our community to come together in one shining blog. ACB Origins is a section of the blog where we seek to celebrate the stories of our membership. Who we are is an ever expanding definition both personally and as our community interaction grows. The more we know about ourselves and each other the more affective our collective story becomes.
In Origins ACB members can introduce themselves and their unique stories; Family origins, introduction to ACB stories as well as the continuing dialogue of how we all can use our collective stories to know how we have become the persons we are and will continue to become.
In learning and discussing who we are and where from which we came we can come to the table of conversation with open minds but also knowledge of who we are as members of this organization we all love. ACB Voices will feature content in the areas of Advocacy, Community and all other areas of interest for our organization and the Origins will be a shining section to get to know each other in addition to arming for community and advocacy.
Submissions can be forwarded to the blog at

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