A Phenomenal Guide Dog

My dog and I were very pleased to hear that this is National Guide Dog month. I’d like to tell a story about my amazing fourth guide, Xenon. (All of my guides have been special in their way, but Xenon was especially so.)

One February, my then husband and I went to Florida to visit his parents, who were renting a condo in Fort Myers for the winter. We arrived late one evening, and the next morning, my mother-in-law, my then husband and I decided to take a walk.

We left their apartment, descended in the elevator, outside, around the tennis courts, through a gate, out to the street, then to the highway down to the beach. When it was time to go back, I suggested that we let Xenon take the lead so we could test his homing skills.

With his usual confidence, Xenon led us from the beach, down the highway, onto the side street, through the correct gate, around the tennis courts, to the correct building, directly to the elevator. When we got off on their floor, he led us directly to their apartment door. We’re still amazed and thoroughly impressed by this amazing and talented dog to this day.

Jane Carona

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