Let Your Voice Be Heard

Shortly after our 2020 virtual convention, we launched a blog to highlight the voices of our community. So far ACB Voices has featured many of our members’ experiences in areas like advocacy, community, and special events. This month, we are asking you to submit your best stories on two particular topics for our blog.

September is National Guide Dog month! There is still time to shine a spotlight on your furry skilled professional in written, photo or video form. Check out www.acbvoices.org to read what has been posted so far.

Community calls have been a light in the dark of this pandemic. With over 70 community calls on our schedule this week, there is something for everyone. What we hear the most is how much these calls have meant to people. Maybe there has been a call that changed everything for you. Are you a weekly crafter, coffee social regular, or karaoke junkie? Let us know the funniest or most profound moment you have experienced during one of ACB’s community calls. We want to highlight the success and strength of our community through these calls on our blog, so please write or record your story and send it to voices@acb.org.

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