Mr. Mayor, Mr. cuteness!

A handsome black lab with warm brown eyes wearing a harness, looking directly at the camera.
A photo of Mr. Mayor.

When I was handed the leash at Guide dogs for the Blind (GDB) on February 29, 2016 at 1:40 pm, I really was not very happy. Now I have had 4 guide dogs before and they had all been female and yellow labs. There were three reasons why I really did not like it: One – Mayor is a male (I used to always say, I would never have a male guide dog because I thought they would be too strong for me). Two – Mr. Mayor has lots of muscles and is very solid. Three – he is a black lab. When the instructor left, Mayor wanted to go with her, so he really did not like me either. It was not until my first walk with Mr. Mayor when he began to steal my heart. On this walk every part of him wiggled, he was just so excited to be working. Mr. Mayor’s tail went faster and faster, his tail beating my behind. So, they could not get this leash away from me and when Mr. Mayor figured out that it was me going to feed him…well, we became besties. The most amazing thing about Mr. Mayor is, when my blood sugar gets too low he will alert me before my alarm goes off. You might ask… how does he alert me? Mr. Mayor will not leave me alone, if I am sitting down he will sit on my feet with his head on my knee. Those who do not know, a guide dog from GDB is not trained to alert for diabetes, as it is not part of the training. Mr. Mayor is that sensitive to me. This is why I call him Mr. Cuteness.

Submitted by: Danette Dixon and Mr. Mayor


  1. One thing I forgot to say, when I was at the point of not liking my new Guide Dog, probably for only 20 minutes, I did not tell anyone, bc I wanted to be fare and give him the chance that Mr. Mayor deserved. I am so thankful I did not say anything and gave him this chance no instructors new I was not liking it. But as I said that first walk around the campus, my MR. Cuteness stoled my heart. And the rest is history.

    Thanks for listening and for posting my article about my besty.


  2. Your baby is certainly amazing! I adore dogs and hope to apply for my first guide dog soon. I have diagnosed hypoglycemia. I would need a dog to alert me when I have a scary glucose low. It happens quite often. I have heard of other dogs alerting to high and low blood sugar as well as seizures, irregular heartbeat, and anxiety without training. They often pick up on when things are not wright with us before we do. Thank you for your post.


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