Zoom On In! A Note to Our Community

By Lynn Coats

We have so many wonderful community events every week. These calls have grown from one or two events to over 70 events a week that take place every day, seven days a week. From these events, many people have stepped up and volunteered to facilitate calls and assist in hosting these events, among other volunteer opportunities.

I believe that sharing our ideas, discussing what works, what doesn’t work, and other helpful comments can provide constructive feedback to event organizers, facilitators, and hosts. This allows for us as a community to improve and to provide calls and the experience of togetherness for all who take part in these daily events.

All of us who facilitate and host events want to make sure that it’s a safe place for all to come and experience the different topics that are discussed every week. And there are several ways that all of us can make sure that we provide that enjoyable safe space.

We often ask to keep background noise at a minimum. This means, if you are cooking something, eating something, around a radio or television, it is creating unnecessary background noise that can often be overpowering for attendees, hosts, and facilitators. You would be surprised what a microphone can pick up on. I know it’s hard to think about that. But trust me when I tell you, it does pick up on everything. Likewise, conversations from other family members can be clearly heard. Chopping vegetables in the kitchen can very distracting to other listeners. So it’s just helpful not to be multitasking while you’re on the event and if you must do so, mute your mic.

Another thing to keep in mind is to try to use a headset while you are on zoom. When you are using a speakerphone, many times we get a lot of echo and feedback on our end. And this is unfortunate because then we must keep you muted. When you come in late to a zoom event, please stay muted. Don’t announce yourself. Don’t say hello. Just come into the room, and wait until the facilitator asks if anyone hasn’t introduce themselves.

Please familiarize and know how to raise your hand and mute yourself. To raise your hand when using a PC, press Alt+Y. If you called in on a Mac raise your hand using Option+Y. If you dialed in on a telephone, *9 will raise your hand, and if you are using the Zoom app, you will find the “raise hand” option under the “More” tab. If you’d like to mute yourself, press Alt+A on a PC. If you are using a Mac, press Command+Shift+A. If you dialed in to the event use *6, and if you are using the Zoom app you will find the ‘mute’ button that functions as a toggle.

Something that everyone can do is try to remember we might have over 30 people in a room. So, when it is your turn to speak, keep your comments brief and concise. I know everybody wants to talk. And that’s the whole idea. Try to remember that the less time you take answering the question, the more time you leave for other people to answer.

As someone who is a facilitator and host, I welcome all feedback and constructive criticism. Please read your daily schedule, as every day is packed with exciting events on varying topics.

If you would like to learn more about ACB’s community events or have questions or concerns, please email Cindy Hollis at: community@acb.org. Below is information on how to connect to our ACB Community calls. These calls are open to everyone. Membership in ACB is not required. If not already receiving our daily schedule each morning, send a blank email to: acb-community-events-subscribe@acblists.org. Those without email can access this information by phone by dialing 1-800-424-8666 and listening to the prompts. Please note that more events are likely to be added throughout the week so be sure you stay in the loop.

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