His Place Is Where Everybody Knows Your Name

David Dunphy’s journey from community participant to call host and radio support volunteer was swift during the pandemic. Admittedly, David was in the outer realms of ACB and other membership organizations. However, as the pandemic shifted the landscape of his life, he found support in the ever growing ACB Community.

After becoming involved in ACB’s virtual community socials, David went a step further, launching a successful meet-and-greet during this year’s virtual convention called David’s Bar and Grill. Averaging around 45 people, twice a week, he offers up a virtual neighborhood pub-like atmosphere. His contributions have grown further, through providing musical packages on ACB Radio and becoming a leader on ACB’s newly formed Facebook Community page.

David’s story follows:

Before I became involved with ACB, I was in a lost place. I had just lost work among other things, and I was looking for a way I could meet new people, grow into a better person, and find ways to make an impact. So, I decided to become a member of the ACB of New York, and I started holding socials through Zoom during the ACB National Convention at night to simulate the experience of people spending time together after events in the hotel. The overwhelmingly positive experience I had meeting new people encouraged me to become more involved with the community and its events after the convention concluded. I spoke with ACB Membership Coordinator Cindy Hollis, and began holding two socials a week at night, where people could talk about various topics with a less little formality than a normal day call. Since those have started, my numbers have grown, and new people have shown up. I’ve also started helping Cindy host and facilitate other ACB calls, as well as streaming them for the ACB Radio Community Events podcast.

I’m extremely grateful for ACB and the ACB community. Since my involvement, my world has taken off in so many ways. I’ve been welcomed with open arms with no judgment about my past mistakes or problems. I was taken in and made to be part of the ACB family and community and given the chance to show off my talents and to grow and flourish in a positive environment. I’ve even made what I believe to be some long lasting friendships along the way as well. In addition, leading my own calls has taught me to how to be a more effective communicator with people from various backgrounds and places in life. All of the positive friendships and interactions have taught me quite a bit about myself and how to interact better with others; skills that I think will make me more employable and a better employee when I begin working again. Thanks to the ACB and its community, I believe I’ve become a better human being, and I’ve found friendship, love and acceptance.

On Thursday and Sunday nights David’s virtual friendly neighborhood pub hangout flourishes as it connects and simulates that place “where everybody knows your name.” In a time where we all feel the pangs of isolation David is a great example, showing that if you want to connect, ACB Community Calls are the best place to start! To learn more about ACB’s community calls, visit: https://acb.org/ACB-community-conference-calls.

One comment

  1. I met David several years ago when we were both members of a Skype group. I am no longer a member of that Skype group and I don’t know whether he is or not. I saw the write-up about David’s Bar and Grill and was very happy to learn that it was the David I know. I enjoyed the one evening I attended his wonderful gathering and I hope that I’ll be able to be a more regular attendee. Maybe New Year’s Eve I’ll begin regular visits. It is truly a light and carefree experience.

    Chris Coulter



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