What Audio Description Means

By Anthony Corona

When you go to a movie imagine sitting in the theater with your eyes closed. You miss out on so much vital information, making the movie going process difficult at best. With something like audio description in place, blind and visually impaired people are able to enjoy the movie just the same as their sighted counterparts.

Audio description doesn’t just assist the blind, it can help neurodiverse individuals as well, like those who may struggle to interpret expressions and emotions. Movies and television with audio description are an equal playing ground for people with disabilities. Without audio description, people who are blind are at a major disadvantage, as media is such a large part of culture today.

Without equal access, equality continues to be a dream rather than a reality. Inclusion is something that we all should strive for, whether it be in gender, race, sexuality, or
ability. We are all human and deserve equality.

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