Getting out and getting to our national parks and museums.

By Anthony Corona

National Parks and a call to ACTION

This past week on Sunday Edition the Energetic Clark Rachfel and Jo Lynn Bailey Page Joined Anthony Corona for a lively and informative conversation on our National Parks. Every state has their own beautiful and unique parks that are available to all citizens to explore and enjoy. They also talked about the abundance of Audio Described programming featuring the parks and so many museums. The UNIDescription project, NPS website and our own Audio Description Project have many programs and resources to virtually explore these amazing national treasures. All Access passes are available to our community wit little effort one can be in hand rather quickly.

The pandemic has made travel and social distancing in public a real concern and in the spirit of keeping active while enjoying these great parks and museums a challenge was born.

Get out and exploring right in your own backyard or neighborhood! Find a park or museum described programming, grab a bottle of water and head out to your favorite outdoor spot and dive into these amazing programs.

Below are the links to the Unidescription project, NPS and ADP programming.

Enjoy the Parks/Museums.

Enjoy the fresh air.

Enjoy a adventure safely and still moving and experiencing the beauty of nature.

Please feel free to share experiences with ACBVoices.

National Park Service and Audio Description

Audio Description Project website:

National Park Service:

Obtaining NPS passes:

Unidescription Project:

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