ACB Family Table

On behalf of all of us at The American Council of the blind, we want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. This past year has been quite transformative for so many of us throughout the ACB family. Indeed, this Thanksgiving for many will be like none other before in our history. And in the distance that separates us all, please know we are still connected by our community that has thrived since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That feeling of isolation is no stranger to anyone who has experience blindness. Knowing this well, we are acutely aware of those this holiday season who may be wrapped in their own feeling of solitude. All of us at ACB want everyone to know that you are not alone. So, in this holiday spirit, we wanted to share our own long-distance Thanksgiving greeting comprised of warm wishes from our staff, contractors and many of our board members. Access the video on YouTube by visiting: Thanks to technology, we remain connected from coast to coast, and we look forward to staying connected with you throughout the holiday season.

If you’re not already on our ACB community mailing list, be sure to sign up today so you can keep in touch over the holidays and stay connected with the ACB family. Together, we are Community Strong! Be safe, stay well, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Your ACB Family

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