What’s Cooking

When I was asked to do a community call about recipes in the beginning of April, I thought it was only going to be one call. Now we have held calls every other week, a total of twenty. We have shared recipes from drinks to appetizers, casseroles to desserts and everything in between.

On our last call, I was informed by one of my regular callers that she trains individuals of every level in Independent Living Skills, including cooking. She told us how she takes the recipes I put together in a document, and depending on their level, lets them try to make one. She has students that aren’t secure in cooking, so they try the simple recipes, and for those who are more experienced they try the harder ones. She told us they are having so much fun with them, that she loves receiving the documents that I put together. This certainly makes it all worth it!

So, if anyone wonders if it is worth holding these calls, I would say, “yes, they are very worth it!”

Thank you to the American Council of the Blind for giving us the tools to create a much more inclusive community!


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