Leadership Training: A New Approach to One of ACB’s Long-Standing Traditions

The Florida Council of the Blind (FCB) invites you to an engaging program streamed live the evening of January 11th on ACB Radio Live Events, intending to bridge traditional advocacy with this new age of virtual engagement. Taking a lead after holding the first virtual ACB affiliate convention, FCB continues to play a critical role in finding innovative ways to communicate our passion and cause remotely. And as our 2021 Legislative Seminar rests just on the horizon, FCB wants to make sure advocates are well prepared for effectively engaging congressional leaders at a time when it is crucial to have our voices heard. 

It’s a whole new approach but the core advocacy remains the same, just as important as it has ever been before. Leading the meeting will be leaders from FCB and ACB National.

FCB member and Chair of the ACB Education Committee, Debbie Grubb, has successfully lead Florida’s delegation for several years and is recognized as a leader in planning and executing high caliber training for these important meetings. Under the leadership of FCB President Shiela Young, Debbie and her committee have earmarked a strategy that will take the important parts of our annual advocacy efforts into this virtual approach. Clark Rachfal, Jim Kracht, Jeff Tom, Dan Spoone, Doug Hall and Gabriel Lopez Kafati will be educating our membership regarding the nuts and bolts of publicizing our issues, making appointments, presenting issues and in conversation with our state and national leaders. For more details on the event, catch the Jan. 10th interview with Debbie and Shiela on the Sunday Edition Podcast below.

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