Vispero Training series on ACB Community Podcast

The ACB Community Podcast Channel is pleased to present the following training series for users of Vispero Freedom scientific products. ACB thanks Vispero for contributing their expertise and providing valuable information on how their assistive technology works with vital business and home office applications. Listen to the podcast episodes via the following links.  

1. Vispero Training Series: Freedom Scientific Podcasts

2. Vispero Training series: Jaws 2021 December Update

3. Vispero Training Series: Using JAWS to Create a Contact Group and other Tips & Tricks in Outlook

4. Vispero Training series: Microsoft Teams

5. Vispero Training series: JAWS and Microsoft Teams

6. Vispero Training series: Text Analyzer 

7. Vispero Training Series: VL Braille

8. Vispero Training Series:  WebMail & JAWS

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