Throwback Thursdays With The ACB Community

By Judy Wolgang

Of all the community calls I attend on a regular basis, one of my favorites is definitely the coffee social  on Thursdays facilitated by Cindy Hollis. It’s called “Throwback Thursday,” and during the hour we’re given an opportunity to share a snapshot from our virtual photo album. Some of the stories that have been shared are poignant, some were “Oh wow!” memories, and many have been downright hilarious. We’ve heard stories about getting to know players from the Los Angeles Dodgers, meet and greets with favorite musicians, adventures with guide dogs, and an abundance of funny and touching family remembrances.

I’ll often go on to the call with a story in mind that I want to share, but, like several of the participants, I’ll hear a story that will trigger something completely different! This aspect of the hour really makes it spontaneous.

I recently was reflecting on the fact that this month marks 23 years that I’ve been riding with my tandem partner Joe. This inspired me to talk about an exciting experience which I thought was perfect for Throwback Thursday.

In late 1998, Oprah Winfrey solicited input from her viewers for a segment she was to feature on her internationally known television show. The segment, “Remembering Your Spirit” would close each day’s episode. I was immediately inspired to write a piece about my enthusiasm for tandem biking. I submitted my story, realizing that my envelope would be among thousands received. Imagine my surprise and delight when, less than two months later, I got a call from one of Oprah’s producers! The staff felt that  my story was just what they were looking for, and, after a brief interview, arrangements were made for a crew to come down to Florida to tape Joe and me on one of our rides. What an amazing day that was! The crew followed us in a van, and occasionally one of the photographers would hang out of a window, or out of the back of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, our segment never aired, and the video copy that was sent to me remains a reminder of one of the most unforgettable times of my life.

So if you’re looking for a great hour of fun while at the same time getting to know many of our Community members, please join us for Throwback Thursday!

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