A Look Back at December and Forward to 2022

By Cachet Wells

Sleigh bells have now danced away. All sales are final. The budget has been reconfigured to get the last of all gifts, and just like that, we have unwrapped another month.

Many of us have jingled the bells with our chapter and special affiliate, all while catching up on the latest gift-giving ideas. Caroling along the way and exchanging of the most tasteful of recipes to get us through the holiday season. Strolling down memory lane, visiting our favorite Christmas music with ACB Media and friends was such a highlight.

Remembering that December was also awareness month for Human Rights Day and National AIDS Day as we spread love through volunteerism and our cheerful giving, which has made for a more impactful season. Many preparations were being made to celebrate the first fruits of the harvest of Kwanzaa which honors the principles of: unity in the family, community, nation, and race; self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.

Enjoying time with the ACB family has been such a treat. Zooming through holiday luncheons and a few community events such as Blindness and More, The Man Cave, Braille for Beginners, Ins and Outs of Sight Loss, Traveling Internationally with Your Guide Dog and Gift-Giving with ACB Women. Every moment made memorable, as we created new memories together.

Looking Ahead 

January Moments

  • January 4, 2022: World Braille Day 
  • January 17, 2022: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Glaucoma Awareness Month
  • National Eye Care Month
  • National Blood Donor Month
  • National Cervical Cancer Month
  • Be Kind to Food Servers Month

Save The Date!

Committees and Affiliate Attraction

ACB Women

The purpose of the ACB Women’s Committee is to address the unique needs women who are blind are faced with in our daily lives. Currently this is done through several program sessions during the annual ACB conference and convention. Topics covered are health issues, physical fitness, self-image and more. In addition, the committee has formed a monthly telephone support group for women who are blind and are coping with breast cancer. This support group is facilitated by two licensed social workers who are blind, one of whom has also had breast cancer. For more information, contact:

Linda Porelle, CA, Co-Chair
(415) 577-8437

Lori Scharff, VA, Co-Chair
(540) 471-8116

Braille Revival League

BRL is a membership organization whose purpose is to promote the teaching, production and the broader acceptance and use of Braille as the primary tool of literacy for people who are blind. Its membership is comprised of Braille users, teachers, transcribers, Braille producers and other individuals who are proponents and supporters of Braille. BRL believes Braille instruction should be available in all schools and other educational facilities to students who are blind or functionally blind and that the mastering of Braille should become a required and integral part of the curriculum for the training of prospective teachers of students who are blind. For more information, contact:

Jane Carona, Treasurer
(301) 922-2994

Share Your Voice

We want to hear your voices! Submit your stories and articles to:

ACB Voices Blog: Voices@acb.org 

ACB Braille Forum: Slovering@acb.org

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