Blossoming Into Summer!

by Cachet Wells

May the vibrant blooming flowers continue shining bright as we look toward the approaching summer months. We are well on our way on the road to Omaha for the 2022 ACB Convention. Get up and get those fingers moving, as you still have time to register for this hybrid convention.

Congratulations to the 2022 DKM First-Timer Award recipients, Joe Derrick Green and Gregg Wandsneider, and to the 2022 JPMorgan Chase Award winners, Judy Brown, Danette Dixon, Kristen Kelling, Byron Lee and Cecily Nipper.

Looking Ahead to June

• ACB Convention opening June 23rd

• National Safety Month

• Scoliosis Awareness Month

• Pride Month

• National Cancer Survivors Day (June 6)

• Family Health and Fitness Day (June 12)

Save the Date

• Registration open for Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk.

• ACB National Convention July 1 – July 8, Omaha, NE

ACB Attraction

Nevada Council of the Blind

We are a voice of and for the blind and visually impaired. We offer peer support, education about blindness and scholarship opportunities, amongst other services. The majority of our membership is blind or visually impaired and has discovered there is life after blindness and seeks to support those who are wandering.

Trudy Boissonneau, President

Las Vegas, NV


Membership Inquiries

Trudy Boissonneau

Nevada Council of the Blind Administrative Office

P.O. Box 364496

N. Las Vegas, NV 89036-8496

(702) 383-0600


Delaware Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired

The purpose of our affiliate is to work toward the improvement of the educational, vocational, and social condition of blind and visually impaired citizens of Delaware. We cooperate with public and private agencies and programs which provide services to the blind and visually impaired community. We participate in public education and outreach programs to inform Delawareans about issues of importance to the blind/visually impaired community.

Debra Trevino, President

Newark, DE

(302) 286-7276



Council of Citizens with Low Vision International

We are an international nonprofit organization and community of individuals who understand low vision needs and experiences. CCLVI is here to provide support, resources, education, and advocacy for those who are impacted by low vision and visual impairment. From publications, to live Zoom calls, online resources, and conferences. Discover what we have to offer you.

Patti Cox, President

Louisville, KY

H/C: (502) 905-0869


CCLVI Administrative Office:


Web site:

Share With Us

We want to hear your voices! Submit your stories and articles to:

ACB Voices Blog:

ACB Braille Forum:

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