Member on the Mic: Meryl Shecter

Editor’s note: Meet ACB member Meryl Shecter. The ACB Board of Publications thanks Anthony Corona and team for Meryl’s audio and Lisa Brooks for providing the full text transcript.

Photo of Meryl Shecter
Photo of Meryl Shecter

A longtime member of The American Council of the Blind (ACB), Meryl has experienced many growth spurts of the organization, but none excited her more than the birth of the community calls. As the pandemic stole so much from us, she quickly realized what gathering together, with the help of technology, would mean to her and the blind/low vision community at large. From the moment she joined her first coffee social to when she decided to join a call to learn tech tips, Meryl dove right in, eventually starting a weekly call of her own.

Meryl tells us about her experiences as a JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellow, her leadership roles in Maryland, and what ACB means to her. Enjoy Meryl’s positive message for all of us.

Listen to Meryl tell her story, in her own words.

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