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Welcome to the ACB Voices Blog, a collection of stories and news from the American Council of the Blind. The following pages provide a glimpse into the lives of Americans who are blind and visually impaired, as well as offer helpful guidance and resources for fostering community growth and advocacy.

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Thanksgiving Reimagined

By Anthony Corona The last Thursday in November is a special day for the United States in so many ways. I was taught as a child about the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the early settlers and the Native Americans. I was taught it was a holiday to give thanks for those who persevered through hardships

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Audio Description: How Far We Have Come!

By Jeanette Schmoyer I can still remember audio description on VHS tapes. The description was provided by WGBH, I think. How wonderful it was to have the description of movies in our own home! Today, I can go to a movie theater and get an audio receiver and be with a group watching the same

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Audio Description: Opening the Cellblock Doors

By Anthony Corona Prison can come in so many forms from the classic societal incarceration to self-imposed isolation and so many other forms. For someone who loses sight mid-life, it can feel like being in a prison of mazes, brick walls and ever-shifting perspectives. Everything changes suddenly and nothing is what was comfortable, and nothing rings

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