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Welcome to the ACB Voices Blog, a collection of stories and news from the American Council of the Blind. The following pages provide a glimpse into the lives of Americans who are blind and visually impaired, as well as offer helpful guidance and resources for fostering community growth and advocacy.

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Blossoming Into Summer!

by Cachet Wells May the vibrant blooming flowers continue shining bright as we look toward the approaching summer months. We are well on our way on the road to Omaha for the 2022 ACB Convention. Get up and get those fingers moving, as you still have time to register for this hybrid convention. Congratulations to

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Farewell April Showers!

by Cachet Wells The first quarter has now washed away and it’s on to the second quarter of the year. Are you staying the course for goals that you set forth? Take note of the small milestones that you reach on the journey, for each one of them matter. There is so much beauty around

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When Two Worlds Unite…Collide…Unite?

By Anthony Corona We celebrate so many things as a community which can lead to opening of mind and heart in individual lives, as it has been doing for me. As ACB celebrates our foray into Spanish language speaking content and inclusion, as we wrap up celebrating Black and Women’s History Months, I ruminate over

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