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Welcome to the ACB Voices Blog, a collection of stories and news from the American Council of the Blind. The following pages provide a glimpse into the lives of Americans who are blind and visually impaired, as well as offer helpful guidance and resources for fostering community growth and advocacy.

Recent Posts

Visiting the Village!

By Cachet Wells Traveling across long highways to over the water railways and through the cloudy airways which all seem to be going crossways. Passengrrs scrambling from one mode of transit to another. Connecting layovers fitting into one another, like puzzle pieces, coming together to make the perfect image. We are excited and blissful with…

Board of Publications Award from the 1980s Still Intrigues Us

by Penny Reeder As a member of the ACB Board of Publications, I was just beginning to sort through the many writing samples and media productions that are eligible for our consideration for several 2023 BOP awards, when I was delighted to find in my crowded e-mail inbox a charming essay that was selected for…

In This Community, Thanks and Love Are Enough

by Patty L. Fletcher Editor’s Note: Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport, Tennessee, where she works full time as a writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disabled from the non-disabled. She is also a social media marketing assistant. Follow her at pattysworlds.com for stories, book updates and more. Every…

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