Memories of Love

By Cachet Wells

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Cupid’s arrows have landed,

And suddenly this month is now through!

With winter well under way, we have sprinted through another month. From those Tuesday topics we are still talking about, to the inside look on Sunday Edition, we have learned about the Chinese Lunar New Year, and Black History, to name a couple. From Bible Trivia to Midlife Mingle, Office hours to Happy hour, we have had quite a busy month, ending with ACB Next Gen’s Birthday Bash. Time to meet with your teams is definitely part of the upcoming to do list, as you plan to share this year’s legislative imperatives. Remember to stay focused on your goals, because you are well on your way to month number three.

Looking Ahead to March

  • March 1: Mardi Gras
  • Isra and Mi’raj
  • March 2: Ash Wednesday
  • March 3: World Hearing Day
  • March 7: National Be Heard Day
  • March 10: National Hug your dog day
  • Harriett Tubman Day
  • March 11: ACB Board of Directors meeting (DC Leadership Conference Begins)
  • March 13: Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • March 17: St Patrick’s Day
  • March 20: First day of Spring
  • March 26: Purple Day for Epilepsy Month
  • March 27: World Theatre Day

March is Also

  • Women’s History Month
  • Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
  • National Kidney Month
  • National Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month
  • National Disability Awareness Month

Save the Date

• March 12-15, 2022 DC Leadership Conference

• Get on the Fast Track to Advanced Leadership! Apply to become a 2022 ACB/ JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellow.

ACB Affiliate Spotlight

ACB of Texas

Peggy Garrett, President

Missouri City, TX

Phone: (832) 242-4941



ACBT works to be an advocacy organization and positive, proactive support system to Texans who are blind or visually impaired. Our state motto is ACBT: Advancing the Cause of Blind Texans. Although the majority of members are blind or visually impaired, sighted persons who share the common goals and interests of our organization are welcome to join.

North Carolina Council of the Blind

Lacey Coward, President

Marion, NC

Phone: (828) 460-8878

Office Phone: (828) 391-9669



We are proud to have close, personal relationships with our friends, neighbors and business partners. Through our programs and activities NCCB enlightens folks in our state about the significant challenges blind and low vision citizens face every day while also demonstrating their incredible potential

Blind LGBT Pride International

President: Gabriel Lopez Kafati

Miami Lakes, FL

Phone: (786) 547-5465



BPI is the leading organization of individuals who are blind, and vision impaired and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer! We are honored that you have an interest in being involved in our organization. Our mission is to promote the awareness, inclusion, and well-being of blind and vision impaired LGBT people through education, advocacy, and peer-support.”

Friends In Art of ACB, Inc.

Mike Mandel, President

New York, NY

Phone: (212) 868-0345



Mission of Friends in Art:

Aiding museums to make their exhibits and facilities more accessible to blind and visually impaired people;

Advocating that concert programs be available in braille and large print;

Promoting audio descriptions of “visuals” (actions, costumes, and facial expressions) for movies,

musicals, and television shows; and

Working with designers of popular music-related hardware and software to make their products more

user-friendly for musicians who are blind.

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