The Job I Never Applied For

By Tyson Ernst

If you pay any attention to the news, you will inevitably hear unemployment is at a 50-year low. I have, as a result of feeling left out of the traditional employment market, decided to become an entrepreneur as a professional job applicant. Over the last year, I have created 20 candidate profiles, filled out nearly 100 online job applications, participated in 4 Zoom interviews, received a dozen rejection letters, and worst of all, had 3 postings I’m highly qualified for taken off the job board entirely after submitting my application. Talk about a blow to your self-esteem. From a 10,000-foot level, it appears the only job I’m qualified for is applying for jobs!

It feels as though I have created a full-time position where my job duties include researching the latest postings across traditional and non-traditional industries, draft both custom cover letters and resumes, and master the attachment function of Microsoft Outlook. Maybe I could make a web series on YouTube out of this, or possibly a blog, if only I could find the time to create a decent website. What do you think? “My life as a serial job applicant?” I’ll keep you posted.

Sometimes, you just have to reinvent yourself!


  1. I share your concern.

    Let me also point out that sighted job applicants are telling me much
    the same story.

    I don’t know whether the jobs which companies post are even real.

    I don’t know if companies post job listings just to find out what kind
    of candidates they attract.

    Wishing you all the support and luck possible.

    Elizabeth Aldworth

    co-facilitator Braille Together and Braille Room


  2. Hang in there Tyson,

    Someone other than me said, The hardest job you’ll ever have is trying to get a job.

    Now retired, I’ve had many jobs, but over 1/2 of all of them I first volunteered for. This is not so easy if you are searching nationwide, but perhaps getting your foot in the door by volunteering locally in something at least related to your field of choice would get you started…?

    Employer ignorance of what is possible for those of us who are blind/VI is one of the most insurmountable barriers. By taking a position, even a volunteer one, you have a chance to demonstrate just how capable you can be.

    Many times it is not so much what you know, but who you know (also something someone else once said).

    Take Flight and Soar!

    Shirley Manning


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